Our institutional users

Barcelona Regional
Study on the creation of protected housing on consolidated urban land.

CA Castilla - La Mancha Autonomous Community
Drafting of the Pre-Project for the Law of Housing.

Government of the Balearic Islands
Consulting in work previous to the drafting of the Pre-Project of the Law of Housing. Statement on the social function of property and the sentence of the Constitutional Court.

Government of Valencia
Creation of the participation and consulting process in the drafting of the Pre-Project of the Law of Housing.

Castelló City Council
Study on administrative organization and housing policy.

Girona City Council
Study on empty housing in the city, in collaboration with the cooperative Lacol.

Barcelona City Council
Consultation in actions meant to address energy poverty.

Banco de Sabadell / SOGEVISO
Creation of a map of assistance and public resources for individuals in situations of social vulnerability, at a regional and municipal level.

Terrassa City Council
Consulting for the project “Anella Verda” [Green Belt], to protect non-buildable land in the municipality.

Palau-Solità i Plegamans Town Council
External consulting in urban matters. Drafting of the Municipal Plan for Urban Ordinances 2015.

Public Policies

Clavell consulting’s specialisation and experience in Administrative Law has led us to take particular interest in public policy.

We understand that necessary democratic regeneration in this country will require alliances based on the knowledge needed to propose the right kind of concrete projects, especially for those least-favoured in society.

Both the public and private sectors, as well as citizen movements, have a role to play in this context. At Clavell consulting we contribute our experience to the goal of ensuring fully updated and more efficient public policies. Our concern is expressed in a diverse set of actions:

Support for Public Administrations
Drafting of normative texts, and the creation of plans and projects when faced with the need to specify and improve policies.

Support for Citizen Organizations
Personal participation of the director of Clavell consulting in transformational movements and spaces related to the areas of Europeanism, energy, mobility, housing and new urban models. Promotion of projects making it possible to specify policies in real practice. Teaching and dissemination activities.


Catalunya-Europa Foundation
DC is a patron member of the Foundation, for the Europeanism promotion, and managing the legacy of Pasqual Maragall.


Fundación Renovables
Dolors Clavell (DC) is a patron member of the foundation.

CMES / Collective for a New Sustainable Energy and Social Model
DC is a member of the collective.

Som Energia
DC is member of the cooperative, and from 2013-17 sat on its governing council.


Associació Promoció Transport Públic (PTP)
DC is vice-president of the board.

Housing and Urban Issues

Associació Casa Alternativa.
DC is president of this association, which includes active individuals responsible for our concrete innovative projects in the area of housing, on a variety of levels. The association encourages action and initiative in projects, moving beyond theory or the mere description of the problem of housing.